Essential Oils to Beat the Fall Blues

Summer and vacation time are now over… Cooler weather and shorter days will be in store for us over the next few weeks, which can lead to what is called the fall blues. But not to worry, because you can chase away the dreariness of autumn using three Lotus Aroma essential oils with special properties. Let’s discover the benefits of black spruce, tropical basil and lemon essential oils, our allies for easing into fall with serenity.


  • Black Spruce

With its powerful yet gentle evergreen scent, black spruce essential oil is reminiscent of long walks through the forest. Traditionally known as a general tonic, it is ideal for combatting the excess fatigue that is associated with the return of fall. Simply mix a few drops with a small amount of Unscented Massage & Body Oil, and rub onto the soles of the feet and the back, paying extra attention to the spinal column. At the office, if you want to beat the midday slump or stimulate your memory and concentration, apply a few drops on a tissue and breathe in deeply for a few minutes.

In addition, for hunting enthusiasts, black spruce essential oil helps for camouflage when applied on clothes and in hunting grounds.


  • Tropical Basil

Even though its name brings us back to summer, tropical basil can give you the little boost you need to chase away the fall blues. Its essential oil, which is traditionally known for helping rebalance the nervous system, helps you to avoid falling into the doldrums that are often felt once vacation time is over. For a super relaxing bath, you can mix 3 to 7 drops into a capful of Unscented Bath & Body Wash, and pour the mixture under running hot water. This little time-out just for you truly contributes to appeasing the mind.


  • Lemon

For an instant energy and vitality boost, nothing beats lemon essential oil. Traditionally known as a general stimulant, you can benefit from using it both at home and in the office, because it also serves as an air disinfectant. And its invigorating and fresh scent is sure to please! To enjoy its benefits every day, you can use 8 to 15 drops in an essential oil diffuser that you turn on for 30 minutes in the morning and evening.

In addition, since lemon essential oil also has antiviral properties, it is ideal for helping you recover from nasty colds, which are more frequent in the fall and winter.


  • Fall Diffusion Blend (diy)

Lotus Aroma proposes this essential oil recipe to do yourself and diffuse this season. Pour into the water of your essential oil diffuser (for 100ml of water and a room-size of 250 sq. ft approx.):
- 6 drops of Lemon
- 3 drops of Black Spruce
- 3 drops of Exotic Basil


In summary, with these three Lotus Aroma essential oils on hand, you won’t have to worry about the fall blues anymore. And you will look at the first leaves changing colours with a smile on your face!