The Lowdown on Water and Skin Hydration

When we think of skin moisturizing, water is often the first thing that comes to mind. While water plays an important role in skin hydration, it is definitely not the key ingredient in moisturizing beauty products. If water was the main moisturizer, all we would need to do is take long showers or baths. But that would actually achieve the opposite effect, as long baths or showers tend to dehydrate our skin.

When water is used in a skin care product, it is not for its moisturizing properties. Often, a product that is more than 90% water will have less moisturizing action than one that contains less water, but more ingredients that have actual moisturizing properties. In fact, water is mainly used in cosmetics to dilute solid ingredients. It is really the oily substances in skin care products that help moisturize the skin. They restore the hydrolipidic film on the surface of the epidermis, which stimulates in-depth rehydration. The skin recovers its softness, suppleness and elasticity.

LOTUS AROMA VELVET BODY LOTIONS contain only 24.15% water. It is, however, laden with rich plant oils that have powerful moisturizing and nourishing properties. Indeed, Moringa, Sea Buckthorn and Inca Inchi oils – along with Shea Butter – provide remarkable skin hydration. Moringa Oil quickly penetrates and emolliates the skin. Sea Buckthorn Oil has anti-inflammatory properties in addition to preventing wrinkles. Inca Inchi Oil protects the skin by vitalizing its natural barrier. As for Shea Butter, it thoroughly nourishes the skin for unparalleled radiance. After such effective moisturizing, the skin becomes heavenly smooth.

As you can see, water alone just won't do it!