Essential Oil Clary Sage (Salvia sclarea)



Light and herbaceous, our Clary Sage Pure Essential Oil is traditionally known to be soothing against headaches and sore muscles. In addition, it goes easily with shampoos and hair masks to regulate excess sebum.


15 mL – 0,5 fl. oz.


Diffuser : Add 10 to 15 drops to 100ml of water.


Not recommended for persons with a history of cancers, due to hormonal impact. Not recommended during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Not recommended for children under 6. Potential skin irritant if not diluted. Dilute with vegetable oil (maximum 20%) or cream (10%). Do not use orally, except by recommendation.

Details & Traditional Properties

100% pure, undiluted essential oil. Contains a compound similar to estrogen (helps regulate the menstrual cycle). Regulates secretion of sebum and perspiration; Diuretic; Aphrodisiac.


The properties, indications and uses of the essential oils listed on this website are traditionally recognized. The information provided should not be construed as medical information, and we may not be held liable for it. We recommend that you consult a qualified health professional before using essential oils, hydrolats or plants for a therapeutic purpose.

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