Essential Oil Ayurvedik Blend Kapha (Drive)



Inspired by Ayurveda, the Kapha dosha is associated with structure. Its colours are reminiscent of fall, like green, brown and copper-red. It is made up of the elements of Water and Earth. KAPHA helps to regain a sense of harmony to increase concentration, boost physical and emotional strength and bring energy, vitality and drive. It promotes a balanced, stable, calm, constant, predictable and tolerant attitude


10 mL –  1/3 fl. oz.


Diffuser: Add 10 to 15 drops to 100ml of water.
Bath: Add 3 to 7 drops in a cap of our Unscented Bath & Body Wash.


Not recommended during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Not recommended for children under 6. Potential skin irritant if not diluted. Dilute with vegetable oil (maximum 20%) or cream (10%). Do not use orally, except by recommendation.


100% pure, non-diluted essential oils.
KAPHA: Balsam Fir EO, Cinnamon EO, Lemon EO, Rosemary EO


The properties, indications and uses of the essential oils listed on this website are traditionally recognized. The information provided should not be construed as medical information, and we may not be held liable for it. We recommend that you consult a qualified health professional before using essential oils, hydrolats or plants for a therapeutic purpose.

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