Essential Oil Diffuser (USB ultrasonic)



The simple yet modern design of our USB ultrasonic diffuser blends easily into any everyday environment. Ideal for home or office. White with wooden legs and cover, it also toggles between 7 different colors to create whatever mood you desire.


105-320 sq. ft. Room Size
4h Continuous Mode
9h Intermittent Mode
28-32 °C Diffusion Temperature


  1. Place your diffuser near the middle of the room. Place your diffuser near the center of your chosen room to let the mist distribute evenly around the space. Keep it on a flat surface to prevent anything from spilling or falling over while your diffuser is running. You’ll also need a power outlet nearby if your diffuser needs to be plugged in.
  2. Lift the top off of your diffuser to open it and get access to the internal water tank.
  3. Fill the diffuser with room temperature water to the line or mark on the inside of the tank to indicate how much water you should pour into the tank.
  4. Add 2-3 (to a max of 10) drops of essential oils to your diffuser. You can combine different types of essential oils, but you should only put a maximum of 10 drops into your diffuser.
  5. Put the lid or casing of the diffuser back over the reservoir, making sure it is sitting properly. Turn the diffuser on (once plugged in) by pressing on the start button



Automatic shut off
Very quiet
BPA Free
Easy to use
7-color soft lighting

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